IUT Alumni Association (IUTAA)

Reunion, Picnic and Get-togethers 2015

12th JEXCA Reunion
The 10th JEXCA Reunion held at our alma-mater during 13-16 December 2015. 
14th Dec. The day started by visiting and praying for late principal Col MM Rahman and the prayer also extended to all the expired souls during the liberation war. As the second event, a wonderful and colorful parade presentation was displayed by the present cadets. The President JEXCA (as usual) lead a smart squad of Ex-cadets. After breakfast the formal opening ceremony of the Re-Union was held where our beloved brother General Jahir from second intake appeared as the chief guest of the ceremony. The present youngest cadet of the college lit the flame of the spirit of 10th Re-union. The committee also handed over the crests and certificates of the JEXCA life members during the ceremony. The special guest Mr. S M Ahad (one of the chief patron of JEXCA) was absent in the program due to his health condition. Later, all intakes participated at the photo session to hold the memory of such a big gala. The rest of the day, Ex-cadets enjoyed themselves playing different games like volleyball, football, basketball etc. A mini football competition (on Basketball ground) took place where JEXCA team won by 5-2. The night expelled its beauty with the rhythm of the music band ‘Inside you’. After there performance a Leaser show took place which has stunned everybody with all its cool effects. Finally the enjoyment reached to its pick when songs of Mila pushed everyone to hammer on the dancing floor and made them sweating like hell.
15th Dec. The most important part of learning for the present cadets from a Re-union is sharing ideas and experiences of the ex-cadets. Activities of the next day started with reminisce conducted by Moazzem (14/795). JCC vs JEXCA cricket match started then between Ex-cadets and cadets, blood donation etc. was going on. People were moving from corner to corner of their beloved Alma Mater to remind there golden days left behind at the college. Later when the final night came, everybody joined the final night show where ‘close up -1’ Salma, Alif, DJ Rahat and L.R.B. performed one after another till it was midnight. Everyone danced with their songs as if there was only two options, ’Dance or Die’. In between the programs JEXCA also made some announcement and distributed prizes like Youngest couple, Youngest Father, attending the Re-union from the most distant place of the Universe etc. Some special mention was also acknowledged like best helping hand among the young Ex-Cadets which defiantly will encourage them to work with JEXCA in the up coming years.

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